Alia Ahmad is a 26-year-old Saudi Arabian painter (b.1996). Graduating in 2018 from Kings College London with a BA in Digital Culture, she started to focus on research in Fine Art. Recently graduated with a Masters from the Royal College of Art, Alia concentrates on painting but uses a range of media to narrate the way that memory, place and landscape can converge within a written and visual practice.


Alia’s colour palette is influenced by an upbringing in Riyadh’s industrial/desert landscape. A majority of her paintings represent the different placid dreamscapes, with linear impressions of the Saudi landscape. The visual language of the paintings play on the tense contradiction that exists between the extreme emptiness of place and its lush characteristics. Using drawings made in a specific place, she focuses on key aspects such as local flora in a chosen environment. She has recently been looking into a way to play with perspective in the landscape by placing an emphasis on the temporal nature of day and night. Her works examine the point at which light touches upon distinct parts of the land. Additionally, she aims to investigate balance between natural elements, such as light and plants, by painting them even more explicitly. Alia finds that by directing paintings towards the ‘linguistic’, through a use of motifs, she is able to steer the narration within the work. The overarching narrative in the  current paintings focuses on the way that memory is able to act as well as react, to the theme of landscape in the Saudi environment.





  • Tracing the Placid, Solo exhibition, Hafez Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2022)

  • From Our Paths, Solo exhibition; Gallery BAWA, Kuwait City, Kuwait (2021)/

  • The Secrets off Alidades,  21,39; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2021)

  • Art Dubai, with Hafez Gallery; Dubai, Dubai, UAE (2021)

  • RCA Research Biennale; London, UK (2020)

  • WIP Show, Royal College of Art; London, UK (2020)

  • DIG, San Mei Gallery; London, UK (2020)/

  • Keep for Old Memories by Youngspace co-curated with Celine Mo, VICTORI+MO Gallery @ YOUNGSPACE VIEWS (2020)/

  • Make It Public: Memory Collective, Design Museum; London, UK (2020)/